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Parenting Challenges: The College Admissions Scandal

The college admissions scandals served to highlight a social injustice that was quite sensational. It at the same time shed light on a problem that had been going on for quite a while. Nobody wanted to talk about it, even though it was getting worse by the day. Parents having to resort to paying off influential individuals to secure their kids admissions into the most prestigious colleges, as a path to better career prospects was distasteful to say the least. This meant that there would be an imbalance in the education system as those slots were unfairly distributed. In their minds, the parents probably thought they were doing the best for their kids when they were only making things worse. Their actions also affected other innocent kids and their futures.

Having money is a good thing, but it will not make you a good parent by itself. You need to raise instead kids who are confident, self-motivated and secure. Money has little to do in that process. This comes down to what you do. There is a need to focus on hard work, so that they can learn to have grit. They need to see where they went wrong, and how they can fix it. They need to learn how to solve their problems unless it is too overwhelming for their age. A spirit of independence is also necessary, for them to learn better judgment, and so act accordingly in your absence.

You shall find that things tend to get worse when you take over their problems and start solving them with money. Kids have a natural need to be taught good values and shown the right way. They can feel when you are covering it up with money and other nice things. They will love to be in comfortable homes and schools, but they will treasure the things you take time to teach them. You now have a chance to make sure they learn integrity, empathy, good judgment, and self-control. They look to you for guidance and limit setting. This is how they learn to have realistic expectations of themselves, those around them and their environment. Your decision not to teach them that is the same as neglecting them. There is no way you can expect the child to work hard after they have seen you handle their problem with some money. They are after all learning from you. They will not struggle to get good grades in school. They shall look forward to you solving the next crisis using money. They know that this placement you bought for them shall also lead to you buying them a place at work. They know you will pay for their job placement as well. Being a parent is more than what you can afford for your kids.

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